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It doesn’t matter what vehicle you drive, vehicle servicing ought to always be one thing you should think about as it is probably the best thing you can carry out in order to retain an effectively-functioning and trouble-free vehicle. A cared for vehicle guarantees that you are not likely to experience smaller sized troubles later on, which sometimes develop into a repair which may cost you thousands of pounds. Even something as simple as an oil change will probably keep the engine from running dry, providing you a greater engine efficiency which means you are not likely to damage your internal mechanisms during the typical use of the vehicle.

Looking for a service for your car in Bristol? TME have been servicing cars in the Bristol area for over 30 years. Call us on: 0117 942 4404 to arrange a service for your car, van or light commercial.


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Maintaining your vehicle in the best condition should be in your best interest since there are amazing benefits of looking after your car so it will be preserved in an ideal state. One principal one would be that the re-sale price of a properly- maintained car is much higher than one who has had only one service during the past decade of use. This is actually the very first indicator of precisely how a person has kept her or his car since the service record is going to immediately reveal to a possible purchaser how well your vehicle has been maintained.

One other reason you have to be maintaining your car in good shape is so your vehicle’s performance is going to stay consistent as general performance quite often deteriorates in the event the car owner halts maintaining the vehicle. Except in cases where you do it personally, servicing your vehicle often is the only time your motor vehicle will get maintained, so it really is vital that you keep a regular service schedule for a lot of reasons, which we are going to uncover as a result of the next few paragraphs.

If you aren’t very worried about second-hand valuation and you’re more concerned on using the car yourself then there are also advantages for maintaining whilst you own the vehicle. When you are driving longer distances frequently, then regular oil changes are in reality quite critical. Keeping your engine functioning properly will be an obvious benefit, however maintaining your costs associated with any breakdowns, tows and garage fee’s is best of all. Huge amounts of hassle could be eliminated if you just service your car consistently.

Many safety features will also be checked in a service making this essential to make certain that your safety is kept paramount when driving the auto. Safety measures like your seat belts, electric power steering and ABS are especially reviewed in the service because they all relate to parts that may wear after a while through even moderate use. Accidental or unanticipated damage can also happen so it really is vital to ensure these components are in operational order or to ascertain if they demand swapping out.

Resale value is additionally another huge reason why maintenance is essential. The usual yearly service record is a large factor when selling your vehicle either privately or by way of a dealer. Potential buyers alike will be looking for a consistent service history simply because it conveys feeling of ownership and regular routine maintenance connoting the thought of the car’s historical past, which is generally a well-kept one if it’s been serviced regularly.

Other features such as your cars emissions generally is a significant component of why servicing is important as sensors are checked as well as repaired if there were problems with the areas affected. Diagnostic assessments are going to be carried out with your exhaust system to ensure things such as your oxygen sensor along with your catalytic converter are in an operational condition, keeping the vehicle operating in a perfect condition.

Exactly what should you keep in mind when trying to find a garage to service the vehicle in Bristol?  Who can I go to to find a trustworthy and sincere garage that I can depend on? We will go through one or two aspects you should consider in terms of picking out a garage for your car service in Bristol.

Getting your vehicle serviced by using a trusted garage can be hard especially if you do not know the best places to search. TME offers inclusive and comprehensive car service at an affordable price. If you’re searching for a dependable and respected car or van service then there’s no better automotive service solution than the one offered by TME. Some garages can just do specific things, like tyres or body-work for example. Finding a general car garage is the perfect choice because they are the most prone to do full vehicle servicing. A garage like TME employs special diagnostic machines as a way to service your car to a dealership quality level, so regardless of whether your engine oil requires changing, or you need a new engine filtration system, TME can make use of this equipment to be sure your motor vehicle is in top shape when it leaves the garage.

Reputation will also be an essential factor in terms of picking a very good garage as it sets the record for the recent work they have done. TME are very proud of our customer reviews and testimonials, which is a symbol of the quality work and customer support we give. It also indicates we follow a rigorous code of conduct and have a high calibre of expert staff for the tasks we do, therefore we will always be trying to provide you with the best service plan. TME boasts resounding feedback on Google, Yell and Autotrader therefore you know a reliable garage is accommodating you whenever you arrange a car service.

Motor vehicles parts can all work the very same elementary function but sometimes they can operate in different ways as compared to other brands. This usually means proprietary components or approaches to servicing which several garages aren’t capable of getting hold of, or perform but that is not a worry with TME as we specialise in servicing the most common brands of car. It is usually good to go with a garage that knows their way around the car. Specialising in European brand names like Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, BMW, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Porsche, TME have you covered no matter the make motor vehicle you might have.

Seeking a garage in Bristol or BS7? TME have been servicing vehicles in Bristol for over 30 years. You can find our garage on Elm Road. Phone us on 0117 942 4404 to arrange the talk to the best Car servicing garage in Bristol.