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At TME we can prepare and manage your car or van through its annual MOT test. To book an appointment please telephone 0117 942 4404

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Should you prefer a basic description of an MOT, an MOT is a check performed to be certain your car remains safe to drive and is also in a fit condition to be driven on the road. Even though the examination confirms your car or truck was fit to be driven at the time of the test, the MOT certification lasts for a whole year. The test is managed by way of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency( formally VOSA), which is then managed through the government to set the primary policies the MOT adheres to. Any time you drive a car or truck without a legitimate MOT, you will be breaking the law, therefore the importance of a valid MOT when you should have one. You also won’t have the ability to renew your insurance coverage, which is a clear demand throughout the UK.

Exactly what does my MOT consist of? – MOT’s In Bristol by TME

Should you are searching for an MOT centre in Bristol then TME would be the MOT service provider to suit your needs. Call our mechanics on 0117 942 4404 to learn more about our MOT expert services.

  • We will check and prepare your vehicle for the MOT
  • Manage and book your MOT with a member of our network of local, trusted, MOT test centres that have availability
  • Check and verify any remedial work suggetsed
  • Make the repairs necessary, ready for a MOT re-test

What does my vehicle go through during an MOT test?

Every one of the policies regarding the MOT are determined and set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency that assures the protection of drivers on the road. From the structural strength of the car to the mechanical soundness of basic safety systems are checked to ensure your vehicle isn’t going to be a dangerous entity during regular function. Virtually all your safety features may also be checked since they are fundamental to the driver and passenger’s protection while travelling.

Schedules for the MOT

The initial MOT will undoubtedly be due from 3 years whenever the car was registered. After that, your car will be required to pass an MOT test each year.

You may bring your motor vehicle to an MOT station within a four week period in advance of its expiration date. A good way to consider this can be to reserve an annual service using the garage Using this method your vehicle is in perfect condition so you can get reassurance when driving your motor vehicle.

An MOT is completely different from a motorcar service as an MOT is simply a test of capabilities. No servicing is actually carried out to your vehicle during an MOT, so nothing will be adjusted or repaired. This is why it’s actually best to book a service concurrently as your motor vehicle is going to be serviced ahead of the MOT, lessening the chance of any fundamental points producing a problem during the test. This will stretch the life span of your respective vehicle along with preserving it in a perfect condition for you to drive. Routinely serviced cars and trucks are more likely to pass, so it’s for you to decide whether or not you wish to invest in a possession that is most often the second most high-priced financial commitment we will make in our lifetime.

Let’s say my vehicle fails the MOT test?

As stated before, yearly serviced cars are more likely to pass, so investing, later on, is ideal in terms of something as valuable as a car. If the car or truck does fail the MOT test, most garages offer you absolutely free re- tests within a small amount of time. TME give you a totally free re-test within 10 days providing you more than a week to have your shortcomings repaired ahead of the retest.

To learn more about our MOT test services In Bristol remember to telephone 0117 942 4404